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Churches Building Bridges to the Next Generation

What if in designing our church systems, our sermons, our programs, we find we have been answering questions that no one is asking? What if the things that young people are actually concerned about and talk about every day are never addressed? And what if, without intending or even knowing it, our silent judgements over the next generation are not so silent, but are seeping through and being picked up as signals that they are not welcome?

The Lilly Endowment has funded the CCT’s efforts at helping Valley congregations to develop new skill sets that would help them connect with actual needs being experienced in the valley. The last convening covered resources available to churches dealing with the mental health crises brought on by COVID. This next convening will address how to reach the “nones and dones” – those who claim “none” in their religious affiliation, and those who tried faith but are “done” with it. What is at the heart of their dissatisfaction with the church? How can congregations reach out? How can we build trust, and relationship? How can our congregations thrive?

Lynette Madrigal will lead the Spanish-language convening on June 19. Lynette is an experienced staff with Youth for Christ, an organization dedicated to helping young people experience Christ and commit to church. She will be sharing what she has learned, as well as resources to help churches form a strategy. Register here for this event:

For English speaking churches, Layla Van Gerpen and Jameson White will address the same topic on August 21. Both Layla and Jameson are experienced leaders with extensive track records in reaching next generation people with the gospel (InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and Youth for Christ respectively). Register here for this event:

These are online events, but lunch is provided for the first 50 registrants.

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