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Reaching Gen Z: Churches Bridging to a new Generation

This month’s New Skills for a New Era initiative featured a CCT webinar on skills and insights for Churches Bridging to a New Generation. More than 70 leaders and 41 churches registered for this virtual event, which featured three presenters with deep experience in understanding and ministering to Gen Z. Jameson White, Executive Director of Fresno Madera Youth for Christ, Layla van Gerpen, associate regional Director for inter-varsity Christian fellowship, and Pastor John Richardson of the Prodigal Church in Fresno shared insightful perspectives, information, examples, tools and approaches to ministry that churches will find extremely relevant for carrying out Psalm 145:4 – declaring God’s praises from one generation to another.

Through our evaulation form, 96.6% of the attendees reported the webinar content was helpful, and 89.1% stated they would use one of the resources presented. Furthermore, 100% said they are going away with an idea how their church can be more proactive in understanding and engaging next generation people in meaningful ways, and 96% would share something they learned with other leaders in the church.

The recording of this event can be accessed here: (If you watch, would you please take 1 minute to evaluate the event at this link? Evaluation Form Link

The resources page can be accessed here: Resource page for Bridging a new Generation and The_State_of_Religion_&_Young_People_2020__Relational_Authority

Keep an eye out for the next New Skills for a New Era webinar (Spanish: Oct 16, English: Nov 20) focusing on economic tools for churches. The CCT is proud to be a recipient of the Lilly Endowment Inc, grant, which generously funds this initiative.

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