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Faith & Finances

Do you find that your neighbors in your community that you serve need guidance to experience holistic, financial freedom? Faith & Finances trains your organization to facilitate a program that provides skills, knowledge and a pathway to financial independence.

Financial Literacy

Empowering Communities One Dollar at a Time

Welcome to a transformative journey where financial empowerment is at the heart of every lesson. We train you in our Faith & Finances program (in partnership with The Chalmers Center), which is more than just numbers and spreadsheets—it’s about building a future where every individual understands the value of a dollar and how to make it work for them.

Why Choose Our Program?

  • Train-the-Trainer Model: We train your organization to lead their own program. We empower you to take Faith & Finances back to your community and change the financial trajectory of families for generations to come.

  • Interactive Learning: We believe in experiential learning. No tedious lectures here—our sessions are designed to be engaging and hands-on.

  • Community-Centered: Tailored for low-to-moderate-income communities, our training focuses on real-world scenarios that resonate with your audience.

  • At Your Pace: As as group, we have a weekly 1-hour group check-in. Course work is completed on your own, on your time.

Program Highlights

Upcoming Facilitator Trainings

The Faith and Finances facilitator training is a six week online training that is self-paced.