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TAKE THAT, Pandemic!

Jaw-dropping, record unemployment due to the pandemic is everywhere we turn. Now imagine you have a past, incarceration, or some other negative societal mark, one that makes getting a job that can sustain your family nearly impossible. But you are more than your past. You have something more powerful – you have an IDEA, and maybe even a dream.

Do you know someone struggling to find a job, or maybe in a job that doesn’t pay enough to sustain a family, and wanting to determine their own success? Know someone with barriers to traditional employment but who knows how to make, or bake, or do something of value that people would purchase? Know someone who has a dream of owning a small business but don’t know how to get started, or what business format to use, or how to get a permit?

The CCT will start Launch Central Valley on Sept. 10. In just 9 weeks, and for just $100, Launch Central Valley will take people with an idea or a dream from idea to legal and operational, with a mentor to walk alongside. Find more info on our Micro-Enterprise page.

Contact Doug at 559-260-6163 or email  for more information.

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