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Human Trafficking in Your City?

Its not just something that happens somewhere else. Fresno’s central location makes it a natural hub for the trafficking that happens up and down Highway 99, feeding from Sacramento and Los Angeles. Both sex trafficking and labor trafficking are being practiced in Fresno and surrounding rural and urban areas.

But can you recognize a trafficked victim? And how does this happen in modern day times, in our own city?

The Central Valley Justice Coalition will be answering those questions and providing strategies and resources to help combat Human Trafficking when the CCT hosts the next HT 101 training on March 19, from 6 pm – 9 pm at Fresno Pacific University’s AIMS Center/WEC 114 conference room. At this training you will learn myth verses fact, learn to recognize characteristics that are common among the trafficked, and what is being done about it in your own city.

To register:

Cost: $20 advanced registration, $30 at the door.
Students, $10 advance registration, $15 at the door

From the Central Valley Justice Coalition Website:
“…unless we know about what human trafficking is and what it looks like, We may never recognize it occurring in our community.”

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