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Doug Davidian Memorial Scholarship Fund

Doug Davidian was a Fresno businessman who knew that business is a significant tool in the hand of God for the well-being of families and communities. He was joyful, a man of faith, who persevered through difficulty, who knew both the sting of failure and the beauty of redemption and hope. Along with Doug’s sons, Nate and Gabe, we invite you to give to the Doug Davidian Memorial Micro-Enterprise Scholarship Fund.

As a business coach for the FPU Center for Community Transformation’s Launch Central Valley micro enterprise training, Doug walked alongside people wishing to start their own small businesses, many of them grappling with significant barriers. He gave them valuable advice, feedback, accountability, but most importantly, love. Doug’s enthusiasm for people achieving their dreams was contagious, and his wisdom, born of experience, led to the success of many of those dreams. Doug’s words continue to echo: “We were made on purpose, for a purpose.” Helping people discover that was his passion.

The Doug Davidian Memorial Micro Enterprise Scholarship Fund will be used to help many others benefit from the Launch Central Valley training. This training leads directly to the stability and well-being of many lives. The fund is administered by the FPU Center for Community Transformation. Each recipient will hear of the legacy and love of Doug Davidian.

Donations can be made using this link:

Your Central Valley News covered the story:–mgrChn7oendXJz5hwSCVoxnYn4VDLs03k

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