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Some Faith-Based Nonprofits May Not Make It

The FPU Center for Community Transformation surveyed faith-based nonprofits in the valley to assess their ability to recover from the significant organizational and financial consequences of the shelter-in-place restrictions. We learned a lot, but among the most significant revelations were these: One in three said they had to lay off or furlough staff or downsize. And, more ominously, one in four said that if the shelter in place restrictions go through May, their very existence is threatened because of funding cuts.

Small faith based on profits and Community Benefit Organizations (CBOs) that work with vulnerable individuals or communities deliver essential value to our city. Yet they are vulnerable during this crisis. We need them to survive the crisis, to be healthy and ready to help with our recovery. Yet non-profits are already experiencing a drop in donations, and experts are expecting a 60% drop in the aftermath.

The CCT in partnership with Ashley Swearengin of the Central Valley Community Foundation, Artie Padilla of Every Neighborhood Partnership, Pastor Phil Skei of On Ramps Covenant Church, and H Spees of the Mayor’s Office, has created a COVID-19 Resilience Fund designed to help designated Faith Based Nonprofits make it through the crisis.

If you would like to contribute to this fund please go to DONATE through this secure link: Or checks can be made to FPU Foundation, which is stewarding the fund. In memo: COVID-19-Non-Profit and sent to:

Fresno Pacific University Foundation
1717 S Chestnut Ave.
Fresno, CA 93702

Funds from the total amount raised will be allocated by a selection committee.​

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