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Sacred Streets

Can congregations strike a balance between compassion and stewardship when it comes to homelessness? Let’s be direct: Can they acquire a skill set that puts feet to their compassion in a way that effectively helps people experiencing homelessness, while also dealing with the reality of an encampment in their parking lot, people defecating on their doorstep, or breaking in to steal their sound equipment? These challenges to compassion are a regular occurrence in our cities.

What skill set would be necessary? What resources would need to be at the fingertips of church leaders? What institutional partnerships could help? And what innovations are at hand that are providing signs of hope that the needle can actually be moved on ending homelessness?

These are the things that will be addressed at the upcoming Sacred Streets congregational training to address and end homelessness, December 2, 3pm-5pm at First Presbyterian Church of Fresno, 1540 M St. A congregation interested in knowing what it can do to play its part in that goal will receive resourcing, knowledge of best practices, what works and what doesn’t, strategizing, and exposure to innovations in housing that are providing real solutions. Lay leaders and clergy alike will benefit. Ending homelessness is possible. Come see how.

The event is free but you must register.

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