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Finding Joy in Community Transformation

Adriana Ramirez is one of more than 100 leaders who have completed the Certificado program, and she has plans to serve her local community.  She greatly desires to come alongside disadvantaged women and empower them with the tools to make needed changes in their lives.  Adriana so valued the program that she made an hour and a half drive to Fresno from Modesto every Monday night for a year. She saw her own life being transformed and now wants to share this with other women.

One of her favorite modules was Transforming the Community taught by Dr. Randy White.  Adriana learned that transformation does not happen through power, it happens through pain.  She appreciated how the course was very relevant and practical.  Her final course project helped her gain insight into her own community, and understanding that good deeds create good will earning the right to share the good news of the life-changing gospel, and that she can help others make a positive impact in schools, government, business, communities through projects and collaborative activities.  Now Adriana looks at her community—the homeless, impoverished people, single women, even the jails, differently.   Her heart breaks as her eyes have been opened to these situations in her own neighborhood.

Not long after she finished the Certificado program, Adriana met a woman who seemed very sad and depressed.  She approached the woman and had the opportunity to share that God loves her and cares for her.  Later that week the woman came to see Adriana and told her how thankful she was for Adriana’s words because she had felt so overwhelmed by a lot of family problems.  The woman came to visit Adriana regularly asking about God and how He was working in her life and wanted more advice on situations.  Adriana realized more how she can be a transformational agent in people’s lives and what a joy it is to minister to people in her daily life.  God is making all things new through the people, programs, and organizations that the CCT.

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