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CCT Ministry Partner Makes the News

As featured in an ABC Channel 30 News Story, Executive Director Vikki Luna has a vision for a transitional complex for the graduates of her program. The Light-House Recovery Program raised enough money to get their own 6 bedroom complex they named The Bridge. The recovery program requires the women to work, and the Light-House’s social enterprise, Cornerstone Coffee Company, provides employment to their women coming out of rehab. A Light-House newsletter Vikki reported, “We don’t hire people to sell coffee, we sell coffee to hire people!

In addition to its coffee shop, Light House Recovery Center made the news with its social enterprise called Light Wear. Women are trained in all phases of operations within the social enterprise of Light-WEAR equipping them to become employable while boosting their skills and self-confidence. These are great examples of community people solving community problems through business.​

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