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CCT Chosen to Lead Anti-Human Trafficking Data Project

Data is boring, or so most people think. We all know it is crucial for decision making in all realms of life – in the mundane decisions around a household budget (Where is the money really going?), how a business allocates marketing dollars (Is the cost worth the output?), the way hospitals make decisions around disease trends (How should we assign resources and personnel?). But sometimes data is dramatic, when it illustrates the scope of a humanitarian tragedy.

The Fresno Pacific University Center for Community  Transformation has been chosen by the Mayor’s Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative and the Economic Opportunities Commission into human trafficking division to oversee a three-year anti-human trafficking data project, detailing the scope, the nature, the gaps in service delivery, and the voices of people who are victims of human trafficking in the valley. This project pulls together a collaboration of more than 15 anti-human trafficking agencies, standardizing data input and using measuring instruments stewarded by the University that will give the most accurate picture so far of the reality of human trafficking in the valley. The data will be used by these agencies and law enforcement in making decisions about victim services, inter-agency collaboration, and the overall fight against what Pope Francis has called an open wound on our society. The CCT has long-served agencies that work in the areas of prevention, intervention and resilience for victims of trafficking, hosting trainings, serving on local boards, promoting their health. And it asks your prayers as it shepherds this process.

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Brand to Human Traffickers: All of Fresno Is Coming After You!

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