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Social Enterprise as a Tool in Poverty Alleviation

What advantages might a business that is structured for community impact have over a non-profit/charity model approach in accomplishing ministry and community change?

In the first of four video presentations, Dr. Randy White, Executive Director for the FPU Center for Community Transformation in Fresno, documents the remarkable and sustainable nature of social enterprises in sparking community change. These videos, which can be watched in the space of a short lunch, tell stories of how businesses structured for social impact are contributing to positive change in the Fresno community, featuring various models.

The video featured this week focuses on Social Enterprise as a tool for Poverty Alleviation. Access it here:

[arve url=”” title=”The Social Enterprise Model of Poverty Alleviation Randy White” maxwidth=”600″ aspect_ratio=”1022:575″ loop=”no” muted=”no” /]

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