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New Momentum in Anti-Human Trafficking

The Center for Community Transformation (CCT) and Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary contributed key research to the far-reaching Fresno Public Policy Initiative out of the Mayor’s office. Our researchers worked jointly with the Central Valley Justice Coalition (CVJC) to gather and interpret data from sixteen agencies working against human trafficking in the valley with the goal of creating a more comprehensive data-sharing network and practice in the region. Understanding the scope of the problem, the available resources, the gaps in services, the needs and assets available in victim services — these represent categories that are now enhanced by more accurate data. The report details actionable items to enhance anti-human trafficking efforts among the agencies in the coming year, and recommendations for 2020. The Fresno Public Policy Initiative includes six initiative areas, one of which is Public Safety, which is the category containing the CCT/CVJC report.. A copy of the full CCT/CVJC report can be downloaded here: FPPI_Human_Trafficking_Report. The full FPPI report will be released by the City of Fresno in February.

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