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Spark Tank Pitch Fest 2016

We have now helped to kick start our 32nd Christ-centered social enterprise in the Fresno and surrounding areas through our Spark Tank Pitch Fest process. These are social businesses, employment readiness services and micro-lending funds that employ or prepare people with barriers to employment in a context of severe concentrated poverty. This is a non-charity approach to poverty alleviation. Meet pastor Robert Solorio who leads the Altar Church and New Life for Girls, working with homeless or addicted women. We are helping him start 4HisGlory Apparel, which will employ some of the women he works with, giving them some job training and income for the ministry. Other winners include Crumb ‘n’ Get ‘Em Cupcakes which will employ youth from the Lowell Neighborhood, Cornerstone Coffee which will women coming out of the Light House rehab ministry, Kings Recycling which is being started to employ men from the Hanford Rescue Mission, and Moving On Up, a social enterprise moving company of North Fresno Church which will employ men coming out of prison. Lives are being transformed through these social businesses, dignity is regained, communities are stabilized. We are privileged to catalyze these innovative ideas, and to wrap around them training and services to help them succeed, for the healing of our valley.

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