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Economic Realities and Solutions for your Church

Churches in the Central Valley sit in communities that have been greatly impacted by the economic fallout from the Covid pandemic. These are in addition to the every-day challenges brought on by the concentrated poverty of the valley. Small churches are bearing the brunt of the crisis. What can churches do when parishioners or neighbors come to them for solutions to their economic problems? What examples are there of churches successfully addressing unemployment, financial chaos, and financial instability in the lives of members and residents? Can churches move from survival mode to finding ways of helping their members thrive in an uncertain landscape?

Carlos Huerta, MBA has been coaching churches and individuals in the central valley in economic solutions for the last five years. Pastor Loren Dubberke, M.Div. has started three social enterprises at his congregation and instituted financial literacy and workforce readiness programs to help his parishioners who are struggling. These innovative approaches are all providing revenue and alternate forms of ministry, expanding the quiver of ministry methodologies available to the church.

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The webinar​ was recorded and can be viewed here.

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