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Connect. Empower. Transform: God's Design for Community Renewal.

Unlocking community potential, fostering vibrant connections, and catalyzing transformative action. We align visions to craft a future rooted in God’s Design for every city.

How Communities Are Transformed


Most philanthropic efforts are focused on relief (or charity) to support people in crisis. However, without a vision for more than relief, these efforts can become enabling and paternalistic over time.


We believe that transforming communities is a collaborative effort. Fostering connections with people’s well-being is at the core of what we do.


Development is a process of ongoing change that moves all the people involved – both the helpers and the helped – closer to being in right relationship with God, self, others, and the rest of creation.

Our communities grapple with challenges such as poverty, injustice, and oppression. This is not God’s design for the city. While most charitable efforts focus on short-term relief during crisis points, addressing symptoms alone doesn’t lead to lasting change.

Our Strategy


Identify assets and potentials within communities, recognizing the
unique strengths of each individual and organization.


We bring people and organizations together to see that we are better in collaboration. We believe that social connections must be built on mutual benefit that hold up our communities in deep, meaningful ways.


We believe that real transformation is catalyzed by equipping our local communities with tools and resources to experience long-term sustainability for collective impact.


Through tailored trainings, tools, coaching and capacity building programs the CCT fosters deep impact in communities to help individuals and organizations take action.


Solving community problems isn't easy and so it's important to note and celebrate successes and milestones along the way!


Through our initiatives, we’ve witnessed communities evolve and prosper, reflecting God’s vision for the Central Valley.

Education & Training

Education & Training

Ministry Labs and Impact Labs resource churches and nonprofits to engage their local communities to seek the wellbeing of their neighbors.
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Pioneering innovation and leadership for a vibrant future.
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Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Laying the foundation for sustainable community upliftment.
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Impact Stats

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Thank You

We couldn’t do this transformative work by ourselves. Thank you to our partners dedicated to the common good of our community.


Partner with us as we create lasting impact in the Central Valley.