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Prepare Hispanic pastors and lay leaders with leadership training and community transformation skills.



The program consists of five online modules, each containing five classes that are approximately one and a half to two hours long. Participants will each have a mentor throughout the program, who will help them with individual spiritual practices, disciplines, and sustainability, as well as how to apply what they have learned in the Certificate.

Biblical Foundations of Community Transformation
  • The Bible and the city: Why are we called to minister there?
  • Identity and structure of the city: Getting to know your city
  • When Helping Hurts
  • Relief
    • Restoration
  • Development
  • Biblical leadership that is transformational

Spiritual Disciplines to Sustain Your Ministry ⓘ

  • Historical Spiritualities
  • The Enneagram
  • Spiritual Directions and Disciplines

Economic Tools for Community Transformation ⓘ

1. Theology of work
2. Social enterprise as a mission mechanism
3. Financial literacy training to support vulnerable individuals
4. Job readiness: helping individuals prepare for employment
5. Micro-enterprise: providing skills training for individuals with barriers to become self-sufficient

Civic Engagement Tools for Community Transformation ⓘ

1. Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD)
2. Community Organization
3. Collaborative and Joint Project
4. Models for Community Outreach
5. Public Policy and Advocacy (committed, now what?)

Tools for Family Ministry ⓘ

Supporting Healthy Marriages
Understanding Family Trauma: Violence, Sexual Abuse, Divorce
Trauma-Informed Ministry
Promoting Children's Developmental Stages
Psychological and Spiritual Needs of Youth
Counseling (When to Conduct and When to Refer)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Certificate of Ministry in Community Transformation?

We have helped train over 100 leaders from nineteen different cities in the Central Valley, representing over 40 churches. After providing basic leadership training for 7 years, we are improving our certificate to now focus completely on what pastors and lay leaders have expressed they need – specific skill sets to deal with the changes they see in their communities and ways in which their churches and ministries can make a gospel-centered difference in the life of their neighbors, their economies, their schools, their civic sectors, and their physical environment. In other words, community transformation centered on Christ.

For leaders who want to improve their communities and people’s lives in the name of Christ. Men and women, pastors and lay leaders who want to increase their impact as leaders by acquiring knowledge and skills in a way that promotes shalom (well-being) in their community (Jer. 29: 4-7).

  • Biblical Foundations for Community Transformation
  • Spiritual Disciplines to Sustain Your Ministry
  • Economic Tools for Community Transformation
  • Civic Engagement Tools for Community Transformation
  • Tools for Family Ministry

A certificate from the only accredited seminar in the valley, the Fresno Pacific University’s Bible Seminary in partnership with the Fresno Pacific Community Transformation Center. Graduates of the certificate program may be granted special access to the Masters program at Fresno Pacific Seminary, even without obtaining a Bachelor’s degree (specific requirements apply). Also, the certificate provides a set of skills that will help graduates find shalom (well-being) in their community.

There are 5 modules, each containing 5 classes. It can be completed in one year or more if desired.

The program is offered online, eventually in a combination of face-to-face and online. Classes are given once a week within two hours.

  • $100 per module ($20 per class). Total cost for the certification is $500.
  • Graduates from the previous program have the opportunity to take the newly configured modules for a cost of $25 for the first module and $50 for the rest.
  • Scholarships are available. For more information, please contact us.